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2d_wilhelm in everything_2d

Insert Coin by Vurup

Okay, I lied when i said I would fix the previous entry.  That changed when I saw this on Drawn!, a blog about the illustration and cartooning world.  Not found where you think it is, at .com, or even .net.  It's found at http://drawn.ca.  Check it out for some great ideas on a different type of style.  Or just to see what's out there.

This short, called Insert Coin, is done by Vurup.  Vurup is comprised of a group of students from Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.  They are: Gabriel Fermanelli, Leonardo Capmasso, Bruno Olguin, German de Vivero, and Luz Lazzaro.  If you can't tell by watching this short, it is done in traditional 2D animation.  See the beauty of the construction lines?  Not exactly what most want to see in their finished 2D work, but I think they're gorgeous.

To find out more information about the group that makes up Vurup, check them out at: http://www.vurup.com/