A discussion of everything 2D.

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A 2D discussion and exploration of all things animation.
Welcome to this new community that honors all things 2D, everything from animation to illustrations! If you're one of those folks who appreciate what the minds of hand drawn creativity has given us, then this community is for you!

Here, we will be discussing 2D animated features, from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" to animated shorts featured at film festivals around the world. Everything from concept art to background layouts to character designs will be explored and discussed. If you have stumbled upon a gem out on the internet, or have seen something on tv that has caught your eye, feel free to tell us about it. Chances are, we don't know as the world is a very, very large place!

And as fellow artists, feel free to post personal related artwork under a LJ-Cut if it is larger than 400X400. Everything will be discussed and/or critiqued, so if you don't want a critique SAY SO. However, if you want to get better as an artist, it is highly suggested that you post with an open mind.

Keep these little things in mind and welcome aboard! Let us see what 2D has to offer us out there!

Rules and Regulations:

1.YOU MUST include pictures/videos/links to the featured artwork that you're featuring and give a summary of the contents of links. PLEASE have one embedded image in the entry followed by a LJ-Cut of more pictures and information. Lj-cuts may be used if the pictures and/or video's are not work safe. Remember, the limit 400X400.

2.Please tag your entries with the artist/studio and type of work. Example: Disney, Princess and the Frog, concept art. Doing so will help us in the future when it comes to seeing exactly what we have posted so it is not duplicated.

3.I reserve the right to add or edit rules as time goes on. If something simply does not work, it will change.


No comment disabling/deleting or removal of previous entries.